Good Change Management is essential to maximize ROI on your Investment

Proven training and processes to align General Managers, Mine Managers, Shift Bosses, and Frontline workers to implement and adopt new work processes that leverage new technology to build a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Minimize resistance to change

Introducing any new technology is pretty disruptive to your supervisors and miners. They typically dont trust anything new. 


By addressing concerns raised by the crew and providing support, change management reduces resistance to new tech and new processes, thereby increasing acceptance and adoption.

GroundHog Deswik Maptek Hexagon Datamine Integration
GroundHog FMS Integrations

Enhance communication

Clear and consistent communication throughout the new technology introduction process is vital to ensure everyone – from the mine manager to the miner – is on the same page. And this is required across your Mine Engineering, Operations, Maintenance and Safety teams. 


This helps reduce misunderstandings and promotes collaboration.

Skips, Conveyors and Plant infrastructure integrations

Automate importing data from your skips and conveyors and other PLCs  you use in the mine and mill: 

  • Modbus
  • Allen Bradley
  • MQTT
  • Honeywell
GroundHog Plant Integrationss
GroundHog SAP Dynamics JD Edwards Integration

ERP and HRMS integrations

  • Streamlined maintenance planning and Asset Lifecycle Management with SAP and Oracle JD Edwards
  • Material Inventory  with SAP and Oracle Financials
  • Synchronize Timesheets and Payroll with SAP, Oracle Financials, Peoplesoft and Workday

Pilot On-boarding