White Paper - Machine Learning in Mining

Use cases and Applications for Machine Learning in Geology, Planning, Production and Safety operations. 


With most mines still using legacy technologies and facing the increasing need to accelerate deeper operations underground, cost, and efficiency savings that have been easily attainable earlier are becoming harder to achieve.


Besides, competence in mining operations worldwide continues to decline — despite operational changes and even after adjustment for decreasing grades of metal ores. Businesses these days are no longer driven only by intuition but by the information revealed by the data.


Machine learning has the power to deliver actionable insights and hence drive decision making.


Therefore, there is growing evidence related to the benefits of machine learning and AI-based technologies in the mining industry, allowing organizations to make more accurate decisions faster, improve health and safety, boost efficiency and productivity and also ensure that there are almost negligible human errors, all while helping create smaller environmental footprints.


In this book, we go over various use cases that Mining companies have used to improve performance and safety.

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