New Mine Digitization Trends 2022

Mining sector is rising rapidly with the current digital expansion of the industry. Around the world, existing mining operations and processes are evolving step-by-step, digitally. This is driving demand for new advanced technologies to fully monitor and control, ensure high productivity and sustainability, as well as protect and upskill mining personnel.

When it comes to the future of this industry, one thing is quite clear: the road to digitization is not optional. Mining companies have no choice but to start finding new approaches for digitization. Digital transformation is accelerating the ability for physical and organizational boundaries to be broken to engage a real-time mine workforce, connect teams, and drive collaboration.

With digital adoption, mining companies have started embracing Industry 4.0 solutions that automate operations for optimized productivity, reduced equipment downtime and costs, predictive rather than preventative maintenance, and enhanced safety for mine workers. To take autonomy to the next level, companies will require increase in the use of intelligence such as Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Technologies, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and many more.

To date, the pandemic has led to huge challenges, but it has also acted as a facilitator for much needed digital change. The global lockdown affected almost all industries, thereby compelling large and small enterprises to change systems and processes for smooth operations. So, there is an inflow of new technologies and digital developments entering the mining zone across the globe. Whatever successful digital transformation the companies underwent in the years 2020 and 2021, it will continue to grow in 2022 at a rapid pace as COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for a next-level digital revolution.

Going forward, connected mines indicate making better economic use of digitalized data available, equipment, assets, and applications, so that by the time it gets to mine operators, it is thoroughly analyzed and on a device that is easy to use and interact with. It will allow them to make quick, smart, and informed decisions. Data-driven decision-making leads to smarter mine operations that maximize resource efficiency in integrated mine.

We help mining companies transform digitally. GroundHog has the solutions your company needs to enhance production efficiency, improve safety, empower employees, simplify operations, and more. GroundHog solution offers 24/7 access to experts to ensure continuous operations, optimized productivity, and minimal disruption.

In 2022, let’s explore what lies ahead for the mining industry. Let’s understand which key digitization trends are redefining mining at the present time. What are the technologies that will come to the forefront of the conversation?

Some of the Key Mine Digitization Trends of the year 2022

1. IoT and Sensor based Technologies

Embedded sensors generate vast amount of data in real time for Mining Processes, Equipment Parameters, Maintenance related information, EHS Management etc.

2. Data Storage and Data Analytics

Generated data stored in on-prem server or cloud host for future analysis. These data when analyzed provide valuable insights for future actions and interconnect mining activities better.

3. Incorporating powerful AI and ML

AI and ML are enabling mining companies to become insight‑led enterprises that utilize data to derive key benefits. AI‑based technologies in the mining industry is improving health and safety. It is now easier to boost efficiency by making faster decisions with greater accuracy.

4. Using robotics, automation, and remote capabilities

Digital applications have the potential to remotely monitor the condition of mines and mineral processing plants to offer a complete online view of automation, instrumentation, electrical, mechanical or process equipment. Digitally enabled hardware is deployed to perform or improve activities that have traditionally been carried out manually or with human-controlled machinery.

5. Application of Digital Twin

Digital twin is an accurate virtual simulator (3D replica) of physical mining operations, designed to improve them through the power of technology. Mining companies will use digital twins to analyze their processes, physical assets, structures, equipment, systems, etc.  in a virtual environment and estimate operational performance, enhance machinery productivity as well as lower costs.

6. Implementing drone technology

By utilizing drones, it is possible to boost safety of the mines. Drones have numerous uses in the mining industry, including mine surveys, inventory management, stockpiling estimating, and hot spot identification, etc. Drones can be used for mine assessment to offer complete knowledge about the sites before the commencement of mining operations and to keep track of their progress to visualize alterations in the site over some time.

7. Transforming Workforce and Innovating Strategies

Mine workers will have to improve their literacy in digital solutions and adapt to modern technologies. This is essential to bridge the prevailing workforce skills gaps and make them digitally enabled. Companies are building plans, strategies, and tactics to carry out mining in a much smarter way based on new innovations.

8. Integrating technology provider

Mining businesses will require digital solution providers so that it is easier for them to operate and manage overall tasks much efficiently. Miners will then be equipped to utilize all information and data about processes and improve the whole performance in less time. For example, GroundHog provides digital solutions i.e., automation packages for mining companies, and their easy as well as successful implementation.

To summarize, digitization and automation have become the new norm for mining industry. According to the new trend, automated mine is a business priority for mining companies. Digitization and automation solutions connected control and operations management systems, high visualization and mobile operator workplaces are sure lead to a stronger system working together for more efficient mining production processes in 2022 and beyond.


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Best Practices: Digitization projects require People, Processes AND Technology to be successful. This e-Book gives you a blueprint to successfully rollout any new technology at your site. 

Groundhog: Digital Transformation and Change Management in Mining

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