Performing a Conveyor Inspection – GroundHog EHS Series

Conveyor devices aren’t cheap and skimping on proper maintenance is just asking to lose out on your investment. In this article we’ll give you some of our best tips on proper conveyor maintenance and show you how to complete a conveyor inspection with GroundHog EHS.

Tips for Proper Maintenance –

Carefully Monitor Oil Levels – Oil levels in the power unit are essential to the health of the machine.Of course, checking oil levels regularly can also greatly increase the lifespan of a conveyor.

Ensure Proper Voltage – Making sure devices are receiving proper voltage is an incredibly simple, yet easy to overlook part of proper maintenance.

Lubricate Frequently – Poor lubrication is the bane of machinery. This holds particularly true when it comes to the conveyor chain. Be sure and feed the oil slowly when lubricating the chain to avoid oil drips.

Schedule Inspections Regularly – Stay proactive when it comes to conveyor maintenance. It is significantly easier, not to mention cheaper, to prevent a problem rather than have to fix it.

Special Care for New Conveyors – New conveyors require special attention. It’s important to adjust chain take-ups often and regularly inspect and tighten the bolts.

Using GroundHog EHS to Conduct a Conveyor Inspection –


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