Preventing accidents with key operational technologies

Mining is demanding by nature, and the industry carries high stakes around the clock. It’s well known that safety is of paramount importance. There are many operational technologies that specifically aim to prevent accidents and incidents on-site. Today we’ll be covering two of the most critical operational tools that are powerful enablers of increased safety: fleet management systems (FMS) and short interval control systems (SIC).

Operational technologies such as FMS and SIC enhance safety on-site for many reasons, but these key features stand out as critical performance factors in the world of accident and incident prevention:

Preventing accidents with key operational technologies
Preventing accidents with key operational technologies

Real-time monitoring

One of the most powerful benefits of real-time monitoring is that supervisors can keep tabs on mobile equipment, light vehicles, and fixed assets to track their locations, movements, and operational statuses. This helps identify potential safety risks, such as unauthorized access, pending equipment failure, access to hazardous areas or unsafe operating conditions and practices.

Proximity detection

Incorporating proximity detection sensors and GPS will alert operators and pedestrians about potential collisions or unsafe proximity to other vehicles or equipment. These warnings mitigate the risk of accidents and promote a safer working environment in real-time.


Virtual boundaries and geofences within your mine site is one way SIC systems can prevent vehicles or equipment from entering restricted or dangerous areas. If a vehicle approaches a geofenced zone, the system issues alarms or notifications to halt unauthorized access or alert your operators of potential hazards.

Safety checklists and pre-start Inspections

A purpose-built FMS or SIC system will give you digital checklists and pre-start inspections for equipment and vehicles. You can be certain that your operators follow proper safety procedures before starting their tasks, including checking safety features, performing maintenance checks, and confirming compliance with safety protocols. A little peace of mind will go a long way.

Safety checklists and pre-start Inspections

The right purpose-built operational technologies give your team real-time performance feedback, identifying specific training needs, and reinforcing safe operating behaviors. This ties in well with a Learning Management System (LMS), where you can provide training tools to support your staff’s need for increased knowledge in specific areas.

Incident Reporting and Analysis

Mining operational technologies have robust incident reporting features where operators and supervisors can report safety incidents or near-misses. You can identify patterns, root causes, and areas for improvement in real-time, leading to proactive safety measures and incident prevention.

Emergency Response Capabilities

In case of emergencies or accidents, SIC systems initiate emergency response procedures quickly by providing location information, and emergency contact details. You can facilitate communication between on-site personnel and emergency response teams, enabling swift and effective response times.

With comprehensive monitoring and analysis of mining operations, it’s no wonder that FMS and SIC operational technologies carry such weight in safety enhancement. You can now deliver a safer working environment, reduce accidents, and promote proactive safety practices with your team with the use of real-time tracking, proximity detection, operator feedback, and road conditions, amongst others. From ensuring compliance with safety procedures to identifying potential hazards, a well-implemented fleet management system acts as a powerful ally in maintaining a safe working environment, protecting personnel, and preventing accidents that can have severe consequences on both human lives and the productivity of your mining operations.

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