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GroundHog Fleet Management and Short Interval Control Mining Large

Unified Platform for Operations, Maintenance, Quality Control, and Safety Management

The world’s largest mines use GroundHog to mine more tons, faster and SAFER

The world’s Largest Mines
Digitize and Automate with GroundHog

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Groundhog gave us the real-time visibility we needed to meet our daily, weekly, and monthly targets.

It took our shift-bosses a couple of weeks to change their line-out process to Groundhog. The supervisor, mine manager and operator apps ensure that everybody is on the same page. The crew now executes shift priorities as one single unit.

Awesome Platform and Amazing Support!

Purpose built for solving Mine Digitization and Automation Use Cases

GroundHog SIC

Short Interval
Control For Mining

Used by production planners and shift bosses to get 40% more tonnes to surface every shift by planning and tracking production and support mining activities.

GroundHog FMS

Management For Mining

Used by dispatch and maintenance to get accurate real time fleet production, performance and health data from all equipment on the mine site.

GroundHog peer-to-peer

Data Mules on
Networks For Mining Companies

Used by miners and supervisors to get production and machine health data from equipment and personnel working in remote locations underground.

GroundHog LMS

Health and
Safety For Mining Companies

Used by Safety Managers to
increase regulatory compliance and reduce incidents and hazards using better safety data logging and analytics tools.

GroundHog Remote Operations Centers
GroundHog IIOT
GroundHog Telematics

IIoT and

Used by mine ops and safety
teams to integrate with sensors and actuators to automate production and safety operations in mines.

GroundHog LMS

Training LMS

Used by safety trainers and
supervisors to ensure every miner
is trained to perform their work
safely and efectively

open-pit fms ops center remote operations center


Used by mine operators to monitor mining activity and asset performance and make data driven decisions in real time in consolidated remote operations centers.

GroundHog RTLS

Real Time

Used by dispatch and safety to increase situational awareness by track all personnel and equipment in real time

GroundHog IIOT

Mine Digitization and Automation Technology Experts

GroundHog Algo

Used by production planners and shift bosses to get 40% more tonnes to surface every shift.

GroundHog Machine Learning
Learning/ AI

Used by production planners and shift bosses to get 40% more tonnes to surface every shift.

GroundHog DataLake

Used by production planners and shift bosses to get 40% more tonnes to surface every shift.

GroundHog twins

Used by production planners and shift bosses to get 40% more tonnes to surface every shift.

Companies use GroundHog’s
Mine Digitization Software to
mine more tons, faster, cheaper
and safer.

GroundHog map

Why Groundhog is the #1

mine digitization software.

Miguel Lamadrid
Miguel LamadridMine Manager, Barrick Gold
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Short Interval Control took us from 3300 tonnes per day to 4500 tonnes per day – a 36% increase
Paul Stolar
Paul StolarMine Superintendent
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Using GroundHog FMS, we now have an accurate view of our tonnage and have optimized our haul cycles. We’ve also streamlined our daily and monthly reporting and track our ore grades in our stockpiles. We use the Telematics and GeoFencing packages to monitor equipment health and safety.
Doug Zwick
Doug Zwick
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Peer-to-peer is a game changer for an operation like ours – trying to get WiFi for the whole 35 miles of drifts is a non-starter. With P2P, we can still get the data we need, fast.
Joao Roorda
Joao Roorda
HSECQ Manager
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GroundHog LMS truly simplifies training management; Friendly interface; Convenient to access on the PC or Smartphone

See how our customers mine 40% more tons every shift

In this hands-on demo, you will see how our customers:
  • Have 360º visibility in real time, anywhere, anytime
  • Get 40% more tons to surface, every shift
  • Increase Face Utilization and Equipment utilization
  • Enhance safety and situational awareness
  • Automate Trip Counts, Track Tonnes and Equipment Performance
  • Streamline grade and material reconciliation
About GroundHog
GroundHog is the industry’s first and most comprehensive and
easy to use connected miner software.

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