Three Ways to See Your Mine Come Back Stronger Than Ever after COVID-19

It’s easy to be negative in times like these. The world is going through a tough time, but it isn’t without its silver linings. We’ve seen rapid innovation in every segment of industry. The mining industry is no exception. COVID-19 has pushed mines around the world into rapidly digitizing, promising a strong future when life returns to normal. That said, we could be doing more. This article will break down three easy ways you can set your mine up for success when operations return to normal. 


Training is essential no matter what and there is no better time to do it than during COVID-19. Obviously some training requires in person work that simply isn’t possible right now but classroom oriented work is a simple task. Using the right tools, such as a combination of Zoom and GroundHog LMS, mines can catch up on things like annual refreshers digitally and make sure that when everyone is back in the mine, operations can proceed at full speed. 

In addition to taking care of general training like refreshers, now is a great time to invest in building a multi-skilled workforce. As we’ve discussed in some of our training oriented blogs in the past, a multi-skilled workforce produces an overall higher quality of work. Not to mention, when people can’t come in to work for whatever reason, being able to schedule personnel to work flexibly can massively cut back on wasted time.

Digitize, Digitize, Digitize:

Have you been holding off on implementing digital inspection software of fleet management systems in your mine? There isn’t a better time to start than during COVID-19. With the amount of resources available online to educate about mining digitization, you and your team can show up after this is over with a working knowledge of best FMS practices and a ready to use system. Since setup is oftentimes as easy installing sensors in equipment or simply downloading apps, you can be up and running in no time.

Take Care of Yourself and Your People during COVID-19:

It’s important that we see the opportunities that a time like this presents. It’s even more important that we make sure to get through it. There isn’t any production boost worth sacrificing you or your team’s safety. The absolute best way to come back from this pandemic stronger is to make sure you and your team are safe. If you feel ill, stay home and make sure your people know to do the same. Together, we can get through this.

For more content like this, click here. Stay safe out there, everybody. 


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