Don’t let the mining labor shortage hold you back; embrace the transformative power of Short Interval Control to get 37% more tonnes in 9 months

In the rapidly changing world of mining, where precision, efficiency, and safety are paramount, Short Interval Control (SIC) has emerged as a game-changing innovation to significantly increase productivity without adding more labor or equipment. This revolutionary approach to operations management allows mining companies to gain real-time visibility, optimize productivity, and drive continuous improvement. By breaking down work into shorter intervals and closely monitoring performance, SIC empowers mining operations to adapt quickly, make data-driven decisions, and achieve operational excellence like never before. In this article, we delve into the depths of Short Interval Control in mining, exploring its benefits, implementation strategies, and the transformative impact it can have on your mining operations. Get ready to unlock a new level of control, efficiency, and success with Short Interval Control in mining.

The Global Mining Guidelines Group has published a recommendation on the process, and how to implement the system at your mine here

GroundHog SIC ( Short Interval Control)

GroundHog SIC is the most user-friendly (miner and shift-boss friendly) browser-based enterprise solution designed to revolutionize your operations and drive unparalleled efficiency. GroundHog’s comprehensive features and user-friendly interfaces enable you to optimize your short-term planning and shift execution, and minimize plans-to-actuals variance, to ensure seamless operations and exceptional outcomes. Say goodbye to traditional your old PLOD Sheets, and Excel and Paper-based pass-downs, daily physicals, and daily logs, and methods and embrace the power of GroundHog SIC to take your operations to new heights.

Gain Real-Time Visibility and Control with GroundHog Short Interval Control

GroundHog SIC empowers you with real-time visibility and control over your operations, allowing you to make informed decisions on the fly. Our intuitive interface provides a holistic view of your operations, enabling you to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and react swiftly to changes. With GroundHog SIC, you’re always one step ahead, ensuring maximum productivity and minimizing downtime.

Streamline Short Interval Planning

Efficient short interval planning is at the core of successful operations. GroundHog Short Interval Control offers a streamlined planning process, allowing you to create detailed, activity-based plans for your shifts. Shift Bosses easily allocate resources, track equipment availability, and optimize shift schedules to ensure optimal utilization. By leveraging our intuitive planning tools, Shifters and Shift Bosses can enhance efficiency and maximize productivity.

Empower Your Team with Collaborative Apps and Tools

GroundHog SIC facilitates seamless collaboration and communication among your team members. Our web-based system serves as a centralized hub, enabling real-time interactions, structured comments, and attachment sharing. Communication and collaboration is a central tenet of Short Interval Control. The SIC app fosters effective communication across shifts, departments, and sites, ensuring everyone is aligned and working towards a common goal.

GroundHog SIC Mine RTLS

Track Activity Progress in Real Time both at Dispatch (Mine Control) and at the Face

Successfully implemented Short Interval Control processes mean that Shift Bosses monitor activity progress during shifts with GroundHog SIC’s real-time tracking capabilities. Tablets and SmartPhones capture data directly from the field or supervisors input it upon completion to measure progress against planned activities. Gain valuable insights into performance, identify deviations, and take corrective actions promptly. GroundHog SIC ensures that you stay on track and achieve your operational targets.

Use Data-Driven Insights for Continuous Improvement

Unlock the power of data analytics with GroundHog SIC. Leverage our advanced analytics capabilities to analyze historical planning and production data. Identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for improvement, enabling data-driven decision-making. With GroundHog SIC, you can optimize operations, increase efficiency, and drive continuous improvement.

GroundHog SIC App

Seamlessly Integrate SIC with other Mining Software used in Mines

GroundHog SIC offers seamless integration with your existing systems and tools. Whether it’s maintenance management, production systems, or reporting solutions, our platform can be easily configured to integrate with your ecosystem. Benefit from a unified and connected environment that streamlines data flow, enhances collaboration, and simplifies your workflow.

Experience GroundHog SIC on the Go

Take control of your operations anytime, anywhere with the GroundHog SIC mobile app. Available for iOS and Android devices, our apps enable operators, shift bosses, geologists and mine managers to access their tasks directly from the shift schedule. Record task progress, track equipment usage, and stay connected to the operations in real-time. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and empower your team with mobility and flexibility.

Embrace GroundHog SIC for Operational Excellence

Ready to revolutionize your operations? Embrace the power of GroundHog SIC and unlock the potential for enhanced productivity, streamlined planning, and optimized execution. Visit our website at GroundHogApps.com to learn more about GroundHog SIC and embark on a transformative journey towards operational excellence.

Remember, with GroundHog SIC, you’re in full control of your operations, driving success at every step of the way.


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Best Practices: Digitization projects require People, Processes AND Technology to be successful. This e-Book gives you a blueprint to successfully rollout any new technology at your site.

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Best Practices: Digitization projects require People, Processes AND Technology to be successful. This e-Book gives you a blueprint to successfully rollout any new technology at your site. 

Groundhog: Digital Transformation and Change Management in Mining

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Best Practices: Using Short Interval Control to increase production rates by increasing face and equipment utilization and reducing stope-to-stope cycle times. 

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