The Single Biggest Hurdle to Increasing Production Through Digitization

“We’ve always done things this way.” Anyone that’s ever tried to introduce digitization in mines or similar industries has almost certainly heard this phrase. The problem is the way things have always done simply isn’t good enough anymore. Not only is the industry becoming increasingly competitive, just because your mine isn’t moving forward doesn’t mean others aren’t. That’s why it’s critical that someone steps up and becomes the change maker. In today’s blog we’ll talk about how you can be that change maker. 

Present Yourself as a Champion of Digitization:

Oftentimes, getting a mine to start its digitization process is a lot easier than it appears. Fear of change and added responsibility keep people from taking the leap. If you present yourself as a champion of change and take responsibility for aiding in implementation. It will surprise you how quickly people will be willing to digitize. Let people know you are responsible for their new FMS, LMS etc. and that you are there for their questions. This is easier than it sounds. Especially with the vast amount of resources companies will provide you with throughout implementation.

Enable Yourself to Support Others:

To be a champion of change there is a commitment to enable yourself to support others. This doesn’t mean you need to read every manual and turn yourself into a walking encyclopedia. However, you should have a general understanding of all the functions of new software and more importantly you should ensure you have connections with whichever company you are working with that can provide you with any additional information or support. Oftentimes the ability to support others comes from knowing who to ask for help, if you work with GroundHog, that will be a simple matter.

Make Sure Your Vision is Clear:

Convincing a mine full of people digitization is better means making them see what you see. Make it clear the benefits you expect to gain from digital tech and the timeline you see them appearing over. This step is even easier than it sounds. A misunderstanding of expectations can lead to resistance to change. Simply explain the areas you see potential improvement and how long the implementation and learning process can be expected to take. This typically doesn’t take very long unless you’re planning to do something labor intensive like WiFi across the mine. That means you can err on the conservative side and likely people will be pleasantly surprised when they see quick improvements.

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