How the Pandemic is Pushing Mines to Digitize

All around the world, the pace of daily activities has taken on an entirely new look. On the whole, life is slowed down and it’s given many of us a chance to plan and reflect. The mining industry is no exception.

The tragedies facing the world right now aren’t lost on any of us. However, it’s important to recognize the opportunities presented as well. In the world of mining, there is a great opportunity to accelerate digitization at unprecedented rates.

Historically, mining has been slower than other industries to adapt, but the changing world landscape presents an opportunity for that to change. While the short-term focus is on adapting to COVID and working through the challenges that come with it, mines also should be considering the long-term benefits. Reduced operational costs, increased safety and boosted productivity are bi-products of digitizing that mines who adopt digital tech now are certain to see in future.

More Than Physical Distancing:

It’s easy to see that digital technologies make physical distancing in the time of a pandemic easier. However, the benefits brought by digitization are a lot more than that. Especially when it comes to products like GroundHog FMS, which offer Online/Offline data capture methods and P2P networking.

P2P networking is an invaluable addition to underground mines as it serves to eliminate the need for expensive wifi solutions. It also provides near real-time data reliably. Unlike WiFi solutions, P2P allows each operator’s smartphone or tablet to function as a router. Then connecting to equipment and passing data along between each tablet to ensure data moves from the face to supervisors quickly and consistently. This enables data-driven decisions to be made throughout the shift and ensures productivity increases consistently. Additionally, online/offline data capture fills that gap when connection may not be available. This ensures that all necessary data is captured anyways.

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