Setting Expectations for Digital Transformation ROI

Everyone knows you need to set clear goals. You must have realistic expectations for ROI before and a major investment of time or money. Oftentimes a digital transformation, depending on scale, can be a large investment of both. That’s why it’s critical to understand the metrics you can expect to see changes in.

Tonnes to Stockpiles:

Production is in the front of every mine manager’s mind, rightfully so. It’s often a metric looked to as the primary indicator of success. Fortunately, one of the primary metrics you can expect to see great improvement in is tonnes to stockpiles when implementing an FMS or Digital SIC system. By connecting people, equipment and sensors throughout your mine you can enable access to on demand data that enables decision making that is guaranteed to boost your production. In fact, FMS has been shown to enable increases in production up to 40%.


The fastest way to kill productivity is downed equipment. That’s why one of the key functions of a good digital system is keeping your equipment going. Via FMS telematics, mine managers can monitor equipment health data remotely. Furthermore, the addition of consumable tracking and digital inspections ensure that as soon as problems arise they can be rectified quickly and eliminate bottlenecks in production.

Safety and Compliance:

Thanks to the digitized inspection and training processes that are available with solutions like GroundHog, safety and compliance are two more metrics you can expect to see greatly improved. A digital LMS ensures that lapses in training are a thing of the past and the built in digital training process further simplifies this. Additionally, digitized inspections will greatly reduce fines, ensuring hazards are identified and resolved quickly.

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