5 Ways People Track Their 5000-23s: #3 Excel + Paper

As mining companies begin to shift away from paper forms of 5000-23 management they often land on something in between. An Excel + Paper approach is a great step forward since it makes organization easy relative to an all paper approach. However, it isn’t without headaches. That’s why in today’s article we’ll take a close look at the pros and cons.

Transitioning to Digital 5000-23 Management:

Using Excel can be a decent solution to keep your 5000-23s more organized. It helps reduce slightly reduce the risk of lapsing certificates and lost data. It can be tedious to transition from paper to excel and bring staff up to speed but it can bring a small boost in productivity once adopted. However, Excel isn’t specifically built to help mines manage 5000-23s. Therefore, it lacks certain features that are very important when digitizing 5000-23 management. 

The Disadvantages of Excel + Paper:

Using Excel + paper can end up combining the downsides of two systems, while it will liley boost productivity slightly, its lacking in many areas, making the question “Is it worth the headache?” a valid one. Excel can be a pain to setup yet it still lacks features such as a simple dashboard or automatic expiration notifications. This means that all the work put into a semi-digital solution can still be in vain when certificates are lapsing and miners still aren’t able to access their certificates easily and from anywhere.

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