A Connected Miner is an Efficient Miner

The miners of a hundred years ago would be shocked to see the technology at the disposal of modern miners. The modern, connected miner is capable of receiving minute by minute updates as well as real-time scheduling and instructions. With the power of SIC, or short interval control, the modern miner is able to work smarter, not harder.

Short interval control will provide an OEE boost of 20-35%

Here’s how it works –

In shift, miners get instructions, scheduling updates, and reassignments. All in real-time. They are also able to conduct live conversations with the surface to tackle problems as the occur. Additionally, SIC provides the capability of detailed shift monitoring to make more informed personnel allocation decisions.

Post-shift, historical production data, and centralized metrics provide the basis for more informed decision making, allowing for constant improvement. Consequently, crews use the same data to make seamless shift handovers. The next crew knows exactly what needs to be done.

All in all, short interval control can provide a 20-35% OEE boost. Proof, that the connected miner is an efficient miner.

Take the first steps to implementing short interval control today! Check out GroundHog FMS for mines. GroundHog FMS is a mobile fleet management system optimized for underground mines. Designed to work out of the box, GroundHog FMS controls production, tracks and schedules the workforce, and delivers deep insights to increase process efficiency. Leverage GroundHog FMS to build a mine that is highly efficient, safe and profitable


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