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How quarryHog Helps Your Quarry Meet Daily Production Targets

Quarry managers work incredibly hard. The stress of meeting daily production targets can often be overwhelming for even the most experienced managers. rapidBizApps’ newest fleet management software provides the solution. With the aid of quarryHog, managers can ensure consistent performance while maintaining high standards of safety.

This is how it works – The operators show up in the morning and are shown their first task and location; and the last location of the necessary equipment. As the day continues, operators use phones/tablets to update progress and receive new tasks. As the day progresses, managers monitor progress and make necessary changes to scheduling to ensure peak performance. Operators report delays to supervisors in real-time.

quarryHog keeps wasted time and resources to an absolute minimum. At the end of the day, operators enter any consumables they used; eliminating shortages. Then, quarryHog generates an automated haulage and usage report. This will allow operators and managers to make necessary tweaks. Using quarryHog ensures that quarries always meet production targets with ease.

In short, the role of quarry manager doesn’t have to include worrying about meeting production targets. Making quarryHog a part of a quarry’s tools will, without a doubt, give a considerable performance boost.

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