GroundHog expands local presence to Australia

GroundHog, a mine digitization and automation solutions provider, announced the expansion of operations in Australia today. Australia has been one of the largest mining markets. Mining companies and MDOs view Digitization and Automation as a competitive advantage to sustainably increase profitability and improve safety. GroundHog has been supporting customers in Australia remotely, and with a physical presence in Perth, Australia, GroundHog has now established a strong focus on the Australian mining market.

GroundHog is a comprehensive open platform for both Operations and EHS. The technology is designed to simplify mine workflows. A cloud-based software with intuitive UI, GroundHog, can be used by all skill levels. With its ecosystem of web/mobile applications, hardware, and other software integrations, GroundHog is easily integrable into a mine’s current infrastructure.

“Australia is undergoing an exciting period of innovation, and our expansion into Australia not only brings us closer to our local customer base, but it enables us to bring GroundHog to organizations in the region who are ready to catalyze their growth,” said Satish Penmetsa, CEO and co-founder of GroundHog. “Our success as a company comes when our customers are successful. This move ensures we continue to deliver outstanding support to our customers as they transform their organizations to enable faster data-driven decisions. “

GroundHog also recently introduced its enterprise application for LMS. LMS helps manage certificates and licenses digitally, provides online training courses, and digitally maintains compliance with safety regulations. An enterprise version enables a multi-region, multi-site capability – so management can look at safety across all their operations.

GroundHog’s move to Australia is in response to growing customer demand, as more mines are looking to digitize and automate. GroundHog is widely recognized for setting a high standard for customer experience worldwide. To learn more about GroundHog’s platform and features and to explore GroundHog’s customer success stories, visit


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