GroundHog Introduces Robust Enterprise Safety Training Tool for Mines

Leading mine digitization and automation company, GroundHog announces the release of the Enterprise version of their Learning Management System (LMS).

Known as experts in digitizing and automating Mine operations, Maintenance, Quality Control, and Safety, GroundHog brings forward an even more elevated version of their widely used Professional LMS software.

The Enterprise version delivers advanced Task Training, Competency Group Management, and Career Advancement Planning (also called Progression Planning) tools that enable mining operations to upgrade the way they manage health and safety training.

The Enterprise version now has advanced reporting to track overall site and cross-site safety training compliance, organization-wide skill competence, and tracks financial metrics.

The new capabilities also make it easier to manage multiple mine sites and transfer miners between sites that may have different training requirements.

Due to a mining operation’s diverse landscape, teams struggle to keep up with paper methods. Without real-time access to training and certification records, safety managers spend an arduous amount of time manually keeping track of training, certification, and compliance.

GroundHog solves this with an integrated solution that combines state-of-the-art analytics for safety and training solutions.

The integrated, cloud-based solution includes a comprehensive compliance management system, provides better visibility into training programs, and enhances productivity without sacrificing safety.

It gives a 360-degree view of every employee complete with their own personalized QR code while freeing safety trainers from arduous data entry so that they have more time to train and upskill workers.

“As technology continues to advance the way mines operate in real-time, regulatory and operational safety requirements are becoming increasingly strict,” Satish Penmetsa, GroundHog CEO told Australian Mining.

“GroundHog was built on the principle of applying digital solutions to once arduous processes. Ensuring the safety of mining operations has always been our number one priority, and our end-to-end safety training platform was purpose-built just for that.”

What makes LMS Enterprise unique is that it’s a scalable, customizable solution that can adapt to the needs of any size mine. It has a robust reporting system designed for large-scale operations with thousands of employees and the intuitive interface makes learning easy.

LMS is tightly integrated with GroundHog’s other cross-team modules for operations and maintenance, bringing all teams on the same page to ensure that people with the right skill sets are operating the correct equipment to further enhance the safety of their mining operations.

“The GroundHog LMS app is a one-stop-shop for an entire training package, and it’s an awesome tool for safety professionals,” Kenny Groves, Safety Superintendent for Cementation Americas told Australian Mining.

“We replaced our manual paperwork and spreadsheet matrix with LMS. It’s been great and I can’t say enough about it. It’s saved us a tremendous amount of time that we can reinvest in being forward-thinkers and focusing on the meaningful aspects of our job.”

Kenny Groves,
Safety Superintendent for Cementation Americas.

GroundHog is a mine digitization and automation platform, proving to be an innovative industry leader that provides advanced digitization tools.

Their product suite simplifies complex workflows by applying technology to arduous processes, specializing in short-interval control, fleet management, and environmental, health and safety tools.

Their mission is to see every mine digitized to increase profitability by achieving higher production rates at a lower cost per ton without sacrificing safety.

Their products eliminate silos through streamlined collaboration tools so staff can spend time where it matters.

GroundHog’s products and services were developed and tested by some of the finest hard-hat folks from the mines of Nevada, Alaska, Australia, and Indonesia, and are now present globally.


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