Managing your task training on paper or on Excel is cheap. However, fines from OSHA are far from cheap. The best way to prevent them is by taking adequate measures to digitize your training. In today’s blog we’ll break down how a dime a day could revolutionize your safety training.

Expiration Notifications:

The worst reason to get a fine is a lapse in training. With cerTrax, that becomes impossible. cerTrax automatically notifies all relevant personnel when certificates are expiring or expired and makes updating them a breeze. Additionally, the cerTrax dashboard gives managers a clear view of all training in the workplace so they can plan accordingly to make task training a smooth process.

Superior Organization and Accessibility:

Leaving behind filing cabinets for cerTrax means that organization is simple. cerTrax neatly files away all certificates digitally and they’re accessible anytime, anywhere. Everyone is on the same page when it comes to training. This eliminates the possibility of losing certificates.

Customized Task Training:

When you inevitably need to renew safety training, cerTrax makes it easy. Administering task training through the app is a breeze. Plus, with cerTrax’s easy to use form builder, you can create the exact task training needed to suit your mine. Of course, we understand that every mine is different. That’s why cerTrax is incredibly flexible and easy to use. 

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