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Power Tool for Mine Supervisors
GroundHog Mine Supervisor App
GroundHog Supervisor App - SIC
Empower Supervisors to make data-driven decisions when shit hits the fan at the face.
  • Easily create shift schedules
  • Monitor production anywhere, anytime
  • Get notified of downs and delays
  • Activate plan-B’s to meet daily production
… and a whole lot more with the Supervisor App!

GroundHog’s Supervisor App
Built to Get Stuff Done!

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Groundhog's supervisor app gave us the real-time visibility we needed to meet our daily, weekly, and monthly targets.

It took our shift-bosses a couple of weeks to change their line-out process to Groundhog. The supervisor, mine manager and operator apps ensure that everybody is on the same page. The crew now executes shift priorities as one single unit.

Awesome Platform and Amazing Support!

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