Simple Strategies to Optimize Haulage and Cycle Times Without Breaking the Bank

One of the easiest ways a quarry can boost its productivity is optimization of haulage and cycle times. However, the actual process of optimizing these things is often difficult and costly. Fortunately, there are a couple simple strategies to optimize haulage and cycle times without paying an arm and a leg.

Automated Data Capture –

A typical haulage cycle involves far too much wasted time. Workers typically spend this time on queuing or data capture. Eliminating the data capture aspect is a simple as implementing a bit of software. Fleet management software with automated data capture eliminates time spent on tally sheets and data recording. This also eliminates the risk for human error, allowing workers to stay safe and focused on moving materials productively.

Real Time Information –

To further reduce wasted time and increase productivity, access to real-time data is critical. Good fleet management software offers supervisors real-time data on every aspect of material haulage. This allows for supervisors to make tweaks rapidly throughout the day. Thus, reducing queue times and ensure that no assets are left unused. In a quarry, assets sitting still may as well be burning money. In general, with real-time information, quarries don’t have to worry about unnecessary waste.

quarryHog –

In this article we’ve talked about fleet management software as a low cost way to optimize haulage and cycle times. quarryHog is one such piece of software capable of automated data capture and real-time information. Beyond the benefits examined above, quarryHog is capable of monitoring safety and compliance, tracking assets and consumable, and much more. If you think that quarryHog may be a good fit for your quarry, be sure to check out the 30 day free trial.

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