Conducting Workplace Inspections – GroundHog EHS Series

Regular, proper workplace inspections are a cornerstone to a safe mine. While there is nothing inherently difficult about conducting an inspection, the consequences of poor inspections can be severe. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to conduct workplace inspections with GroundHog EHS and give you some of our best tips.

Even with powerful tools like GroundHog EHS, the value of personal knowledge is immeasurable.

Important Things to Remember about Workplace Inspections:

  • Ensure Qualified Personnel Carry Out Inspections – Even with powerful tools like GroundHog EHS, the value of personal knowledge is immeasurable. A qualified inspector should have extensive knowledge of regulations and procedures and most importantly, experience with the work procedures involved in the inspection.
  • Don’t Rush Inspections – This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to get in a rush and cut corners in order to stay on schedule. No schedule is more important than the safety of workers. It is absolutely critical that supervisors help their workers understand this.
  • Schedule Inspections Diligently – Ensure that inspections are scheduled out periodically and that everyone involved is made aware of this schedule. While it seems simple, taking this step will make a huge difference in ensuring nothing gets glanced over.
  • Don’t Underestimate Acts of Safety – Encourage inspection staff to go above and beyond. Just because something isn’t a part of their inspection doesn’t mean it doesn’t require attention. This is why GroundHog EHS “Act of Safety” field. The ultimate goal of technicians needs to be increasing the overall safety of the workplace, not just checking the necessary boxes.

Using GroundHog EHS to Conduct a Workplace Inspection:


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