The Software You Need to Get the Most out of Your Equipment

Mining equipment is a huge investment. If you’re going to drop that kind of cash on equipment, it makes sense to do everything you can to get the absolute most you can out of it. Fortunately, there are software tools capable of ensuring you’re able to use your gear as long and as much as possible. Today we’ll be looking at how GroundHog SIC and GroundHog EHS can aid in the maintenance and life of your equipment. We’ll also look at how to decide which is right for you and break down the benefits of each solution.

GroundHog EHS:

GroundHog EHS is a digital inspection app designed for mines. While the primary function of this app is health & safety inspections, it is more than capable of optimizing your equipment inspections. Regular inspections are obviously one of the most important parts of keeping your equipment running. GroundHog EHS makes them a breeze. You can schedule inspections from the command center, carry them out from the mobile app and view the results instantly from anywhere. This means that taking corrective action when something isn’t right is incredibly easy. In the event that you do have equipment break down, the ability to schedule a technician to come take care of it instantly will save lots of time and money. GroundHog EHS is the perfect option if you’re looking to streamline your inspections and repairs. However, if you’re looking for more detailed equipment data tracking and consumable management, you’ll want to look at GroundHog SIC.

GroundHog SIC:

GroundHog SIC is a cutting-edge fleet management software. One of its many features is the capability to conduct in depth equipment inspections. Just like rapidInspect, these can be conducted from the mobile app and become instantly available everywhere. On top of the inspection features, GroundHog SIC boasts the ability to track all your vehicles in real-time. Thus, making the lives of operators and technicians quite a bit easier, and cutting down on wasted time. Finally, GroundHog SIC lets you monitor everything from tire pressure to amount of gas used. This data being readily available cuts down on all the unnecessary delays that are far too common.

To learn more about these two products and find out which is right for keeping your equipment running for the long haul, Click Here.


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