How to Do it Right: Planning, Scheduling, Executing and Monitoring

Some of the most important tasks in a mine are planning, scheduling, executing and monitoring. Unfortunately, given the traditionally low visibility of underground mines, it can be difficult to do these effectively. However, there are a few ways to boost the effectiveness of these functions in your mine by huge amounts. In today’s blog we’ll take a look at how to do it right.

Defining Functions:

Before we can get in to exactly how to get better at planning, scheduling, executing and monitoring, it is important that we define them well so we understand what the goal should be. Planning is nothing more than deciding what you are going to do. The planning phase is essentially setting goals. This is an important part of later determining your success. Scheduling is how you’re going to accomplish your plan. This is when you determine who is working where, doing what. Execution is the act of actually doing the work. Execution is the what everything else is leading to. Monitoring is often the most difficult step. It is seeing how the work is progressing and making the necessary changes in a timely manner.

Using SIC to Support Planning, Scheduling, Executing and Monitoring:

By leveraging digital short interval control systems, mines can boost all of their management functions significantly. Supervisors can handle planning and scheduling entirely from the OpsCenter. Then they are automatically distributed to personnel via the groundHog SIC app. Additionally, groundHog SIC provides advanced analytics that allow for realistic goal-setting during the planning phase. These analytics allow for tweaks to be made everyday which encourage an overall positive trend in terms of production. During the execution phase, operators use the groundHog SIC app to record all inspection data and also to track the location and other important data of equipment. Not only does this serve to increase the quality of work operators are capable of, it plays a critical role in allowing for live monitoring, as all the data is immediately available in real-time. Supervisors can use this data in the monitoring stage. This way, they can make tweaks to scheduling.

To learn more about groundHog SIC, our fleet management system, with powerful SIC, Click Here.


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