The Three Reasons quarryHog should be in your Quarry

quarryHog, rapidBizApps latest software, is a mobile fleet management system optimized for quarries. Designed to work out of the box, quarryHog controls production, tracks and schedules the workforce, and delivers deep insights to increase process efficiency. Here are three of the reasons quarryHog should be in every quarry.

Increased Productivity –

quarryHog offers a plethora of productivity enhancing features. These features include automated equipment and worksite inspections, real-time location tracking and deep analytics. Additionally, the power of automated inspections ensure consistent quarry performance. Digital inspections work alongside production scheduling to ensure equipment is always running at

 one hundred percent. Managers use real time location tracking to optimize current shifts as well as more effectively plan upcoming shifts.

Increased Safety –

With the power of more efficient inspections, keeping quarries safe is easier than ever. Furthermore, digital communications allow for fast, concise communication to deal with problems as they arise.

Less Wasted Resources –

Real-time location tracking and communications means that equipment never has to sit idly by. Additionally, the power of quarryHog allows supervisors to make sure that all resources are in use all of the time.

In short, the future of the industry is coming, it’s time to adopt the technology of the future.

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