Short Interval Control Means Continuous Improvement for Mines

There isn’t a magic piece of software that can change the past and they’re won’t be for the foreseeable future. However, Short Interval Control guarantees that miners and management learn from mistakes. In brief, SIC ensures that mines are constantly getting better.

SIC works like this –

At a set interval, teams on the front line conduct brief meetings reviewing losses and assessing previous actions. Consequently, they identify upcoming risks and plan their next actions accordingly.

With software like GroundHog SIC at miners’ disposal they are able to have all the necessary data at their fingertips. This allows for more informed decision making and real time problem solving. A mine full of connected workers receives real time updates and instructions; reducing wasted time and unnecessary errors.

With short interval control implemented in mines, OEE will likely be boosted between 20-35%. In an increasingly competitive industry, mines will be looking more towards SIC for the leading edge. Furthermore, SIC means a more productive, safer future for the mining industry as a whole.

Take the first steps to implementing short interval control today! Check out GroundHog SIC for mines. GroundHog SIC is a mobile fleet management system optimized for underground mines. Designed to work out of the box, GroundHog SIC controls production, tracks and schedules the workforce, and delivers deep insights to increase process efficiency. In summary, leveraging GroundHog SIC to build a safer, more efficient mine will ensure a boost in profitability.


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