Three Tips for Getting the Most out of your Mining Equipment

At the center of every successful mining operation is an arsenal of good equipment. Equipment alone, however, will not generate profits. Mines need to take proper steps to ensure they are getting the most they possibly can out of their machinery. In this article, we’ll give a few of our best tips to maximize equipment effectiveness.

Good Planning –

No matter how good your equipment is, it may as well be a minecart from the 1800s if it is sitting still. It is critical that to plan shifts carefully to ensure assets aren’t left sitting. Later in the article we will look at fleet management software that can make this even easier. Additionally, supervisors must schedule out inspections and ensure that schedules are followed closely. This will help with the maintenance and give your equipment longevity that is crucial to a profitable operation.

Proper Maintenance –

While this may seem like a no-brainer, it isn’t uncommon for equipment to fail due to poor maintenance. There are four clear steps that every mine needs to take in regards to maintaining their equipment. The first is proper lubrication; oftentimes, this will eliminate the need for frequent maintenance because it greatly reduces stress on machinery. The second is frequent cleaning. Mines are dirty, and a buildup of dust and grime is a fast way to breakdown equipment and slow down operations. It doesn’t take long to give equipment a rinse and it can save a lot of time and money in the long run. Next, it is critical that any repairs that need to be made are made immediately. This ensures that as little time is wasted as possible and it also increases worker safety levels.Finally, ensure that workers are properly trained. It is unacceptable to have an equipment failure due to a poorly trained worker. Due to the specialized nature of mining machinery, it is important that no corners are cut when educating workers.

Fleet Management Software and Inspection Software –

This final tip can make the other two a piece of cake. Fleet management software that makes use of short interval control can ensure that an earthmover never sits still again and Inspection software will make proper maintenance easier than ever. GroundHog SIC, our flagship software is a powerful fleet management software that enables a level of control that has never before been possible. With real-time data available on all aspects of operations, supervisors can lead with a clear-eyed view. GroundHog EHS, our inspection software, helps mines meet MHSA recordkeeping regulations in the most efficient way possible. Making use of a form builder, scheduler and workflow manager, GroundHog EHS is the perfect software to keep equipment in peak shape and keep worker safety at a maximum.

To learn more about GroundHog EHS and GroundHog SIC click here.


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