GroundHog Paves the Way: Catalyzing a Paradigm Shift in Drilling with High-Precision Solutions


California, USA — GroundHog, a trailblazer in mining technology, proudly announces the launch of its state-of-the-art high-precision solution, setting a new standard for precise drilling in mining operations. Holistic Integration for Streamlined Drilling: GroundHog takes a significant leap by acting as an integrator, bringing together a complete solution to streamline drilling operations. The integration includes […]

Get Ready to Rock with GroundHog’s Latest Telemetry Upgrades: Live Production, Performance, and Maintenance Analytics!

Get Ready to Rock with GroundHog's Latest Telemetry Upgrades: Live Production, Performance, and Maintenance Analytics!

California, USA – GroundHog, the premier Mine Digitization and Automation platform, proudly announces a significant enhancement to its Telemetry offering. With the growing need for precise payload information,  GroundHog has upgraded its Telemetry system to collect and report comprehensive payload data seamlessly via the Onboard Telematics with telemetry live feed.  This was accomplished by the […]

GroundHog automates Payload Tracking for Underground Mines with Weighbridge Integration.


GroundHog, a digital platform for mine automation and optimization, is pleased to announce the integration of its platform with weighbridges. GroundHog’s new integration allows miners to access accurate and actionable data with their simple and robust platform. “We are thrilled to offer this new weighbridge integration solution, which is the latest in a series of […]

GroundHog v7 updates on Intelligent Dispatch and Grade Control

GroundHog V7 boosts Mining with Intelligent Dispatch and Grade Control

About Version 7.0 : GroundHog Apps, the leading global provider of connected mine software, today released Version 7.0 of its flagship Short Interval Control and Fleet Management System. Using GroundHog’s bleeding-edge technologies, mines can increase automation, coordination and synchronization to increase tons mined, reduce costs. Also, meet the industry’s vision of streamlined port-to-pit operations. With […]

Introducing GroundHog EHS 3.8.0 Update

San Jose, California July 16, 2019: GroundHog EHS is a digital inspection app built on the premise that safety goes far beyond compliance. Not only does GroundHog EHS automatically produce MSHA compliant records, but it also has fully integrated safety shares and geographic hazard tracking to promote widespread safety culture in the workplace. We’ve just […]

How to Do it Right: Operations Management

Operations management, like many other aspects of mining. Get vastly more difficult as you begin to have workforces of high quantities. Managing crew rotation, availability, scheduling, tasks, equipment and production can become quite a headache. Thankfully, with the power of technology we can simplify mining ops. Using SIC, a fleet management system can not only […]