Six Reasons Underground Mine Managers need to use Face Utilization as an Operational KPI

GroundHog Face Utilization as an Operational KPI

The key objective of every mine manager is to get maximum tonnage from mines and achieve the best safety performances. Strict implementation of activity schedule, sequence of activities, face utilization, and advance rates are vital elements to increase productivity, safety performances, and lower costs.  Underground mines are the black boxes by nature of the operation. […]

New Mine Digitization Trends 2022

Mining sector is rising rapidly with the current digital expansion of the industry. Around the world, existing mining operations and processes are evolving step-by-step, digitally. This is driving demand for new advanced technologies to fully monitor and control, ensure high productivity and sustainability, as well as protect and upskill mining personnel. When it comes to […]

Short Interval Control (SIC) for Productive Mining

Short Interval Control

SIC in Mine Operation Planning is the backbone of efficient Mining. Maintaining the mine operation with regards to long term mine plan is key for successful operation and it is equally challenging. Deviation between mine plan and actual operation is a real-life problem due to multiple operational bottlenecks. Mining companies’ losses significant amount of revenues […]

9 New Technologies for Mine Digitization and Automation

INTRODUCTION In recent times, there has been increased emphasis on Mine Digitization and Automation due to technology that has presented tremendous opportunities. It has given rise to new possibilities to change our lives for the better, turned it easier and made it more efficient. Each business is now data-driven and industries of the future are […]

How CMMS can help mines increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a well-known measurement method, used in the manufacturing industry, which combines availability, performance, and quality, for the evaluation of equipment effectiveness. As a result, measuring Overall Equipment Efficiency in underground mines is frequently becoming the best practice. OEE is the best-known metric for identifying losses, benchmarking progress, and improving the […]

Setting Expectations for Digital Transformation ROI

Setting Expectations for Digital Transformation ROI

Everyone knows you need to set clear goals. You must have realistic expectations for ROI before and a major investment of time or money. Oftentimes a digital transformation, depending on scale, can be a large investment of both. That’s why it’s critical to understand the metrics you can expect to see changes in. Tonnes to […]

The Single Biggest Hurdle to Increasing Production Through Digitization

The Single Biggest Hurdle to Increasing Production Through Digitization

“We’ve always done things this way.” Anyone that’s ever tried to introduce digitization in mines or similar industries has almost certainly heard this phrase. The problem is the way things have always done simply isn’t good enough anymore. Not only is the industry becoming increasingly competitive, just because your mine isn’t moving forward doesn’t mean […]

How the Pandemic is Pushing Mines to Digitize

All around the world, the pace of daily activities has taken on an entirely new look. On the whole, life is slowed down and it’s given many of us a chance to plan and reflect. The mining industry is no exception. The tragedies facing the world right now aren’t lost on any of us. However, […]

The Power of IoT in Mining

Internet of things technology and connected workforces are hardly a new concept, unfortunately the mining industry has long had a tendency to avoid adopting new technology. However, in an increasingly competitive industry, the decision to digitize is becoming less and less optional. What is IoT: Put simply, it is the connection of devices through the […]